Trusted Colleagues

Honeysuckle Studios and Design is not a one-woman show. From time-to-time, I do call on the skills and talents of trusted colleagues who I know will improve your project. I’d like to take a moment to introduce them.

A’mee Ramstead is a self-employed copy editor for her company, Seattle Healthcare Copywriter. She has been working with me since the beginning and helped build Honeysuckle Studios and Design to be a successful small freelance graphic business. She stepped down working with me full time, but stayed on as advisor and a backup editor.

Rachel Seamount is the new editor and copywriter. She came on board few months after A’mee stepped down as the full time editor. Rachel has been doing a wonderful job and has taken charge on every task I have sent her.

To inquire about rates and availability, you can Rachel.

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Dennis Carr is the system manager behind Honeysuckle Studios and Design. He is the one making sure all clients’ websites are up and running smoothly.

Dennis’s skills: knowledge of Linux and Windows server environments, knowledge of internet-facing server software such as Apache, Postfix, IIS, BIND, MySQL, and others, and knowledge of TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, SMTP, SQL. He has proved himself to be highly adaptable to new environments, and shown a high comfort level with command line interfaces. His sense of humor is absolutely appreciated on the job.

Dennis’s experience: I have been working with computers since 1982, repairing computers as a hobby since 1999, and operating a private web server since 2003. I have worked in a user support capacity to one extent or another since 2006, primarily with networking and connectivity of mobile phone and ISP end-users, and have been doing home computer repair and recovery since 2010.

To contract Dennis Carr: Consulting rate: $25/hr, minimum two hours. Onsite support: $40/hr, plus expenses if travel is required. (If you’re in Oregon, for instance, expenses include travel, lodging and the regular support rate.) Hosting: $5/month simple. Virtual host/dedicated hosting: please inquire.

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Joe Dufresne is the sales and technical support staff. He helps Dennis with all tech support, including Honeysuckle Studios and Design systems and our clients’ systems, both remotely and onsite.

Joe’s experience: 5 + years working with Linux systems, Networking and Computer hardware. he has build and maintained x86 systems. Professional Objective: Working with Linux or Unix systems, with possibility of advancement

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